Pancake sandwich - Dorayaki

Proven in-market success

Proven success for many years with over 1400 installations world-wide.

Fast ROI

High production versatility allows for a wide range of variants and a quick return on investment.


Masdac platinum-standard quality equipment with reduced maintenance costs


Two delicious small pancakes with a sweet or savory filling

Strategic fit

Adds value to the cake category and strengthens your product portfolio



Levels of personalization

Size, color, filling, taste, on-product branding, decoration

Model SSO-1123B
Capacity 10.000 pcs/h
Number per row 10 pcs
Cross pitch 105 mm
Primary steaming time 4 Min
Primary steaming Forward pitch 105 mm
Secondary steaming time 9,6 Min
Secondary steaming Forward pitch 100 mm
Cup size ∅ 70x35 mm (H)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40 x 4 x 2,5 m (excl.Cooling Conveyor)
Power Supply 3 Phases+N+PE 380V 20kW
Steam consumption 1.500 kg/h (0,5 Mpa)
Heat source (Gas) 12.000 kcal/h (280mmaq)
Air consumption 1.000 l/min (0,5 Mpa)
Water consumption 30 l/Min
Deposition amount of Cup dough 18~36 cc
Deposition amount of filling 18~36 cc
Deposition amount of Bottom dough 18~36 cc